A comparison of the most popular methods of cutting metal

Metal is one of the most fundamental raw materials in modern production. Metals and their alloys are used in almost every branch of industry, ranging from areas such as construction, metallurgy, or the automotive industry, to less obvious ones, such as furniture, decorating, or IT. Therefore, the metalworking industry is growing faster than any other, and specialists[…]

Laser or plasma? What is best for cutting metal?

Metal is one of the most widely used raw materials in the world. We use it to build houses, cities, and installations, as well as decorations, car parts, and technology. It owes its popularity to its durability, reliability, and universal application. However, it must be admitted that it is not the easiest material to process. Fortunately, nowadays, plastic processing[…]

The main advantages and disadvantages of powder coating are

Powder coating is currently the most popular method of covering metal elements, which has been successfully replacing traditional painting techniques for several years. Why? Is powder coating the best option available for covering fences, furniture, or vehicles? Today, together with Elektron experts, we have carefully examined this issue and prepared a summary of the main advantages and disadvantages[…]

Powder coating at home-how to prepare for it?

Powder coating is quite an advanced painting technique. It is not the simplest one and requires some preparation and appropriate equipment. Therefore, before you throw yourself into deep water and start your adventure with powder coating, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the specifics of this method. The good news is that once you have enough knowledge on[…]

Powder coating of steel elements-automotive

For several years, powder coating has been the most commonly used method of covering steel structures. This painting method is used in most industrial and production sectors. However, among them, powder coating of steel elements is most often used in the automotive industry. What are the main advantages of powder coating in the automotive industry? What does powder[…]

Powder coating and ecology as it is.

Powder coating is currently the most popular form of coating metal surfaces. This was due to the extraordinary durability and quality of the coating, the smooth surface of the painted elements, anti-corrosion protection, and the environmental friendliness of this method. Yes, you did not foresee it. Powder coating is considered an environmentally friendly option. It’s hard to believe that[…]