June 14, 2022

Industrial guards

Industrial barriers and technical barriers are indispensable attributes of every production hall, warehouse, and logistics centre. In addition to protecting the walls, technical barriers can be used to separate rooms inside halls or secure production lines, cabinets, shelves, and parking lots, or designate zones for pedestrians, guarded or dangerous. There are many applications, but one certainty—it is impossible to imagine a professional industrial plant without this type of security. And we, as a manufacturer of top-class fenders and protection systems, will tell you everything about them and why you should take advantage of our offer. What are industrial fenders and what are their types?

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Industrial barrier - application

Technical barriers and industrial barriers are systems of protection and protection of walls, shelves, production lines, corners, and devices against damage by trucks, forklifts, and people. It is also a way to separate individual rooms inside an industrial hall. Due to its simplicity of installation, reasonable price, and longevity, it is a quick way to separate the area and create a protective barrier against threats. Industrial barriers are most often made of high-quality steel that is resistant to impacts and mechanical damage. Safety barriers are usually yellow with black elements for greater visibility.

Industrial fenders - colour requirements

The following are the standard legal requirements for colour and coating for industrial and technical barriers:

  • Galvanised with stripes of wear-resistant reflective foil (red, black, yellow, blue, white).
  • Yellow and black, acc. DIN4844
  • Galvanization without additives.
  • Any RAL colour without additives.
  • Any RAL colour with stripes made of wear-resistant reflective foil.
  • Galvanised with a coating.

The barriers in Elektron are often powder-coated yellow, and then black stripes made of reflective foil are glued on them. Sometimes they are also painted with a second layer of powder paint in black. Industrial fenders used for outdoor use are always hot-dip galvanised before painting, while those used inside are usually not tin-plated, but at the customer’s request, they can also be galvanised to additionally protect them against corrosion.


There are several main types of security systems on the market that differ in design and use.

Bollard post

Industrial column barrier

The first type is industrial pole barriers. These types of technical barriers have the shape of a simple post and are most often used to protect all types of gates and passages. Industrial column barrier can also be used to block the entrance and protect walls, corners, machines, and devices, as well as marking communication paths.

Straight protection hoops

Linear industrial barrier

Another very popular and necessary type of barrier is the line barrier, which allows easy access to protected areas and is particularly suitable for securing wall-mounted devices such as control cabinets, first aid equipment, and all types of tool cabinets. It is ideal and quite cheap protection against accidents and damage to equipment elements against forklifts, pallet trucks, and roller containers.

L - Corener protection hoops

Industrial corner barrier

Next in line are the steel corner barrier. These types of industrial barrier provide effective and durable protection for roads and crossings, although they are equally good at separating various communication routes and are also suitable for securing machines, columns, racks, and loading ramps.

Height Restriction Barriers

Hanging industrial barrier

Hanging industrial barrier reduce the height, provide information about the lower level of the ceiling, and prevent overly tall vehicles from passing under them. As a result, vehicles passing under protection breach the stop but do not damage the building structure. They are used on all kinds of crossings and crossings.v

column protection guard
Column & Post

Column and pole covers

Versatile column guards ensure safety against damage to sensitive columns, poles, and pipelines and are widely used in warehouses, factories, and public buildings.

Manufacturer of industrial barrier

As a manufacturer with many years of experience, we offer all of the above types of industrial security. Each element we offer is made of the highest quality steel, taking into account all safety standards and regulations. Most often we use industrial barrier made of steel pipes, Ø48.3, Ø60.3, Ø108, but we also have experience in non-standard projects. In our offer, you will find column, linear, corner, and hanging industrial barrier, column and column covers, as well as top-class technical barriers. Each product is of the highest production class and is subjected to numerous safety tests.

Industrial barriers in Elektron - why is it worth it?

At Elektron, we focus primarily on the quality of production. Our qualified staff pay great attention to ensuring that each element prepared by them is ideally suited to the client’s expectations and complies with all health and safety regulations. During our work, we use only the best materials and components—our industrial barriers are made of steel and then hot-dip galvanised to protect against corrosion and harmful weather conditions. It is not without reason that when you enter the phrase “industrial barriers manufacturer” in the search engine, Elektron will be at the forefront of searches—it will be because for several years we have been working on our reputation and the satisfaction of our customers. So, if you’re looking for high-quality barriers, make sure to check out our selection!