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A modern method of laser cutting

If you are looking for a responsible laser cutting contractor that provides laser cutting service in your area, we invite you to have a look at our company’s offer. Each client, regardless of whether it is an individual client or a company, is guaranteed fast performance of work and attractive terms and conditions of cooperation. Our specialists can also make a quick valuation and will undertake any laser cutting project, including complex ones. All this to keep our clients satisfied! 

By deciding on our services, you gain the knowledge and experience of our specialists in this field. Our company has an extremely modern machine park, extensive facilities, and a variety of necessary materials. These are the highest quality raw materials recognised worldwide. Our employees constantly participate in training and projects, thanks to which they can operate the most advanced machines. As a company, we pay special attention to timeliness, thanks to which we continuously collect positive feedback from our satisfied customers.

Laser cutting is a modern way of processing a variety of materials, not only metal. Regardless of the raw material processed, the quality of the cut edge will be at the highest level. For this reason, it is not necessary to spend time or resources on any finishing details of the product. The technology ensures unsurpassed quality and repeatability of details. At the same time, there is a particularly low risk of damage to the product. Therefore, there is no material loss.

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We use a modern laser, which guarantees safe and fast work thanks to the full automation of many processes. The device enables automatic loading of material (from 3600 to 6500 mm long), as well as unloading (from 3000 mm). Therefore, laser cutting of pipes and square profiles is extremely efficient and, at the same time, professional, without making any mistakes or defects in materials!

3D laser cutting of aluminium, stainless steel,
copper, chromium-nickel, and brass

3D laser cutting allows us to process thicker and extremely thin materials, including with those that are beyond the reach of traditional CO2 cutting technology. In our offer you can find:

  • laser cutting of aluminum pipes (up to 3 mm thick),
  • laser cutting of stainless pipes (thickness up to 5 mm),
  • laser cutting of brass pipes (thickness ≤ 3 mm),
  • laser cutting of copper pipes (thickness: up to 2 mm),
  • laser cutting of steel pipes (black steel – thickness up to 8 mm).
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We also offer laser cutting of profiles from the above-mentioned materials with the following dimensions:

  • 20 × 20 – 150 × 150 × 6500 [mm],
  • ≤ ɸ 210 [mm] e.g. 150 × 20 [mm]

We accept orders for 3D laser cutting of pipes with the following dimensions:

  • from ɸ 20 to ɸ 210 × 6500 [mm] up to 6000 [mm] in length
Laser cutting of tubes and profiles - 4

Why Us?

By choosing our services, you get a perfectly made order for any number of recurring elements. We will cut pipes and square profiles at any angle, to a length that satisfies you, and we will also engrave inscriptions in steel, copper, aluminium, or brass so that your elements fulfil their task also in terms of aesthetics.

Our team consists of professionals, including project managers, technologists, and designers. Thanks to the modern HS-TH65 fibre laser from a renowned manufacturer, we can prepare virtually any order for you-and, what is most important, in a very short time with great quality!

We do not charge a horrendous fee for our services, so it is also profitable to cooperate with us in financial terms. We also approach each order individually, and we make sure that each order is carried out and delivered at the most suitable time for you.

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The laser is an efficient device that speeds up the entire cutting process, and thanks to modern operating technology, we have control over every stage of 3D laser cutting, even though it is automatic in many aspects. We precisely perform every cut and every engraving on it, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of our service and the orders we perform.

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