March 18, 2024

Metal bar stools

Special equipment is often needed in catering establishments. This certainly includes metal hockers, which are low stools that are usually placed at bars or kitchen islands. They are very often found in loft or industrial style interiors. These small metal furniture pieces are also ideal for confined spaces, which is why they are chosen both for commercial establishments and for private homes or flats. Find out why you should stock up on modern and handy metal hockers.

Metal bar stools: loft style for the discerning

In loft style, the inspiration of industrial, industrial places, associated with former workplaces or factories is important. A metal bar stool will fit perfectly into such a décor. The material from which it is made emphasises the raw atmosphere of such a room and fits in with other elements of the room, such as concrete, natural stone or brick. The metal bar stool and loft therefore blend perfectly in terms of character. Its simple form makes it a versatile piece of furniture that can easily adapt to a variety of solutions, whether in a bar or in a home. In addition, its small size allows it to fit into even limited spaces.

04_Stołki metalowe & Hokery metalowe

Metal bar stools: modern solutions for the size

A simple metal hocker for the loft is also a piece of equipment that you can easily adapt to your requirements. As a manufacturer of metal furniture, we offer the possibility of making it to order and to size. In this way, the dimensions of the product will be perfectly adapted to your expectations and the space you have at your disposal. In this way, you will also have equipment that perfectly matches the height of your bar, counter or kitchen island.

Realising an individual design is something we specialise in as a manufacturer of metal hockers. Every day, we produce robust bar stools that combine aesthetics with functionality. They are simple and comfortable, they are easy to keep clean and their style is extremely versatile, so they will find their way into both a loft and an interior designed according to minimalist aesthetics.

Metal bar stool - not only for bars and restaurants

When thinking of metal hockers, the image of this type of furniture in catering establishments, such as restaurants or bars, often comes to mind. However, they have a much broader application. In fact, you can also use metal hockers in homes and flats and place them next to worktops or kitchen islands. They effectively replace chairs and take up less space, making them ideal for small, confined spaces.

Why should you bet on metal hockers from Elektron?

As a manufacturer of metal hockers, we fulfil orders for furniture of this type, taking into account individual customer needs. We produce professional bar stools to order, according to the specifications received, using a fleet of machines and, among other things, laser metal processing. We use high-quality raw materials such as steel, which makes all our products perfect for loft and industrial environments. With our range of products, you get a modern metal hocker and thus a solution tailored to your requirements, which will enable you to create a modern space in your restaurant or bar.