March 18, 2024

City loungers

Convenience when relaxing in the city: city deckchairs

Modern urban planning trends focus heavily on the development of green spaces – and it is in city parks that “small architecture”, Elektron’s speciality, reigns supreme. In addition to benches and tables, an increasing number of Polish parks feature park deckchairs, enabling residents to relax comfortably in nature without leaving the city. Urban deckchairs make the space friendlier and better adapted to the needs of the inhabitants – that is why it is worth considering their placement in the architectural plan of not only a park, but also a city housing estate, a picturesque beach or a promenade.

Urban loungers in public spaces

Urban loungers can be boldly described as one of the most fashionable trends in urban space design. It is thanks to them that the deckchair has ceased to be associated only with holiday relaxation and has become an urban daily occurrence – and an opportunity to encourage city dwellers to relax outdoors. Their style is something completely fresh in urban settings; placed in the right place, the park deckchair gives the whole area both a friendly and modern feel.

A park deckchair is not only suitable for the park! As manufacturers of deckchairs and other street furniture, we are familiar with our customers’ creative solutions – and we know that our deckchairs can also be found on green squares in the heart of a neighbourhood, by the city’s swimming pools or in the relaxation areas of large companies.

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Sturdy, durable and stylish park deckchairs

A city deckchair is not only a great form of urban space management, but also a functional and stylish design. The contoured seat, which is tailored to the human body, fulfils its function perfectly and is in no way inferior to a traditional beach chair – and is much more durable. After all, park loungers have to be able to withstand all weather conditions – and they are! – as well as being resistant to mechanical damage and, unfortunately, vandalism.

What materials are our metal deckchairs made of?

Each series of our deckchairs is made to order – it is up to you to decide what materials you want to use. We specialise in steel deckchairs (stainless steel) and metal deckchairs in black steel. We are also happy to combine them with treated wood elements; for example, we produce metal deckchairs with wooden backs.

Reliable solutions for cities and parks from Elektron

Combining classic solutions with state-of-the-art technology, at Elektron we realise even the most complex and precision-demanding projects. Thanks to our machine facilities and highly qualified professionals, we are ready for long-term, cyclical cooperation and handling of large orders – without the slightest loss in quality of our deckchairs!