March 18, 2024

Console tables

When choosing furnishings for the home, flat or office, it is worth reaching for solutions that combine aesthetics with functionality. An interesting proposal in this respect is the loft console, which is ideal, for example, in a corridor or hallway. The loft console is an interesting proposition in this respect, and is ideal for use, for example, in a corridor or hallway. It will help you organise many items or provide you with additional storage space, in addition to serving as a decorative element due to its unique design.

Metal console: the ideal addition to modern interiors

The metal console will fit perfectly into any modern interior. Its simplicity, austere form and the materials used in it make it the perfect piece of furniture for a loft, for example. It will go well with, for example, natural stone on the floor or white walls. The loft console for the hallway is therefore simply created for modern and minimalist arrangements. Its universal form means that it will go well with other elements of an industrial décor, and the hallway console will also simply be very useful.

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What is the function of a loft console for the hallway?

It is worth leaning into what the function of a loft console for the hallway or corridor is. It is a combination of utility and aesthetic considerations. After all, the loft console is used for storing items and accessories such as your handbag, keys, wallet or small coins. You can also put your shopping on it when you return from the shop. It is therefore useful for storing often small items in such a way that they are close at hand, for example when leaving or returning home.

Is a made-to-measure console a good idea?

If you want a solution that is tailored to you and your needs, a custom-made and made-to-measure console for your loft hallway is an excellent idea. This way, it will fit even in an unusual or small space and be really functional at the same time. It is also a great idea for people who appreciate personalised, original designs that completely meet their expectations and differ from ready-made furniture. Such a loft console will also easily become part of a larger design project.

What to look for when ordering a metal loft console?

If you want to complement your home with furniture such as a metal console for a loft hallway, it is essential to pay attention to several aspects. First of all, bet on a solid material such as steel, which will look great for a long time and is easy to maintain on a daily basis. In addition, it is advisable to choose the option of a made-to-measure design, so that you can adapt it as well as possible to the available space in your flat or house. In this way, you will enjoy a piece of furniture that is virtually perfect and fits in with everything you have envisaged for its design.

Choose a metal console from Elektron

A tailor-made console is a project that we are happy to undertake. As a manufacturer of this type of furniture, we know what this entails and what it is like to work with such products, which is why we work with laser processing or powder coating, among other things. The finished loft console is sure to become an integral part of your hallway or corridor, allowing you to maintain order in it and decorate any space. A metal console is an investment for years to come, so take the time to plan every detail of it.