March 18, 2024

Laser cut fences

Laser-cut balustrades: get exceptional results!

Laser-cut balustrades combine classic (but not always!) design with state-of-the-art technology. Using a 2D laser, our specialists are able to cut the most intriguing patterns with great precision, which will transform the interior of any building. And the balustrade itself? It will ensure complete safety when using the stairs or balcony.

Laser metal processing technology allows us to create balustrades of almost any design and form. Each steel sheet, used in the production of balustrades, undergoes thorough processing – by cutting, sandblasting and painting the material, we not only give ordinary pieces of metal a unique look, but also strengthen their properties – resistance to mechanical damage or bending under pressure – and make them perfectly smooth. The end result is light and aesthetically pleasing, yet extremely durable!

20_Ażurowe balustrady wycinane laserowo

Interior and exterior balustrades: applications

Elektron’s experts are ready to realise both interior balustrade projects: decorative and ensuring safety when climbing stairs or staying on a mezzanine floor, and exterior balustrades for balconies, terraces and footbridges. Our balustrades can be used in corporate offices, industrial plants or the headquarters of public institutions.

Why choose openwork balustrades?

Openwork balustrades for staircases are an increasingly common element of modern construction – you will find them in homes and staircases, as well as in commercial buildings. And what is openwork itself? It is a decorative pattern made up of cut-outs in the material (in this case steel), giving the balustrade an aesthetically pleasing transparent effect. Openwork balustrades are usually fully transparent, although some are made with an obscure background, in which case we speak of a so-called blind openwork.

Modern sheet metal openwork balustrades are primarily aesthetically pleasing. Indoor balustrades visually enlarge the space and give the staircase a lightness … and unconventional design. They are best suited to interiors with a modern design:

  • minimalist – using basic colours and geometric patterns;
  • Industrial – raw, based on metal elements;
  • Eclectic – combining contrasting colours and bold shapes.

Using laser techniques, we can create an openwork balustrade with a design that perfectly matches the character of the building in question.

However, metal openwork balustrades from Elektron are not only about elegant style, but also about the highest quality of workmanship. We cut each sheet from thick, bruise- and scratch-resistant steel – much more durable than the still frequently used MDF panels. We cut the openwork patterns using state-of-the-art numerical machines; thanks to these, our experts can afford to create even the most fanciful pattern, which is sometimes impossible (or takes much longer) with other techniques! Thanks to the use of appropriate anti-corrosion coatings, laser-cut balustrades are able to serve our customers for many, many years.

Order open-work balustrades according to your design

Each balustrade realised by our balustrade specialists is based on an individual project – either created by the customer or according to his or her wishes. At Elektron, we are open to your ideas – we are happy to contribute our experience, the solutions we have developed over the years and the technology provided by our machine park. If you need support in preparing a project – our experts will quickly prepare a virtual 2D model or a 3D visualisation for you. All in order to best meet your needs and expectations and those of your business!

Laser-cut balustrades: the designs on offer

In addition to the possibility of realising your own design, Elektron offers a wide range of ready-made balustrade designs. Among other things, we can offer interior openwork balustrades in a minimalist style – ideal for modern business and commercial interiors – as well as geometric and natural designs – these are sure to add variety and character to your space!

Opt for laser cut balustrades from our range!

Laser-cut balustrades from Elektron are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to refresh the space of a company or office interior, or is just planning to put the finishing touches to it. We carry out each of our orders with the utmost attention to detail – although we focus on mass production, we do not compromise between quantity and quality! We already have several years’ experience of working with medium and large companies – and we are proud to be their business partner. So if you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of openwork balustrades, railings or landscaping elements: Count on Elektron!

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