March 18, 2024

Park tables

Urban leisure area: park table

The small architecture that we at Elektron are passionate about every day is not only about benches, bins and canopies, which are indispensable in urban areas – it is also about park tables, which are increasingly appearing in green spaces!

A well-placed park table (together with a canopy covering it and a few benches around it) can be the heart of a summer afternoon gathering – those with family or friends. Each table creates a small, separate space in the park: ideal for a picnic, barbecue or board game session. They are used by children and seniors alike – which is why urban planners often cannot imagine a park without them. As a manufacturer of park tables, we at Elektron also see them as an ideal alternative to the traditional camping on blankets – and we would be happy to see them adorning another city soon!

Park and recreation tables naturally work well not only in green spaces. You will find them both in city centres and in the heart of large housing estates. Wherever residents (and tourists) need a separate space to relax, a table can appear – made with the utmost care, of course!

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What to look for when choosing city and park tables?

Recreational tables – city and park tables – must meet the highest possible quality standards. They are used by thousands of people and are exposed to the weather all the time. That is why the materials most often used by Elektron are corrosion-resistant metals and impregnated wood; in many constructions we combine them, which allows us to achieve not only a solid, but also a visually interesting effect. The aesthetics of the tables are also extremely important – park tables are, after all, one of the showpieces of the surrounding space. Finally, the design of the table itself needs to be tailored to the needs of the users; solid tops often prove more practical, while wooden slats are best suited in style to the green space of an urban park.

Park tables from Elektron - manufacturer of modern solutions for urban spaces

At Elektron, we are ready for the most demanding projects. We realise each and every one of them 100% in accordance with our customer’s vision – bringing to it innovative technological solutions, the highest quality materials and attention to every detail – no matter how large the order we have to deal with. Because we do not compromise between quantity and quality in series production!

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