March 18, 2024

Office Pedestals

Every workstation needs handy accessories to make it easier to use and store the items and tools needed to perform one’s duties. This is where a desk pedestal, a small cabinet that slides easily underneath a tabletop, is ideal. It keeps everything you need close at hand, without you having to get up from your chair. Find out more about this highly practical solution.

A practical office accessory: the desk pedestal

Every office stores a lot of essential items, such as stationery, documents, electronic accessories and many other items that enable you to do your job. To keep them close to each other, it is worth opting for a practical accessory such as a desk pedestal. It is usually small, so it won’t take up a lot of space, but it is spacious enough to hold everything important and necessary. Such a desk pedestal for the loft is very versatile.

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Customised metal desk pedestal from the manufacturer

This type of metal desk pedestal is primarily equipped with drawers, which make it easy to organise things and store them in an organised manner. It is also very stable, so you don’t have to worry about it constantly moving around under the tabletop. Its simple form makes it look very elegant and will easily fit in with the rest of the furnishings in your office or study. In addition, by choosing such a bespoke under-desk pedestal from a manufacturer, you are assured that it will be the right size.

Desk pedestal: high quality and ergonomics

A tailored, professional desk pedestal must, above all, be of high quality to serve its owner for a long time. It is therefore advisable to opt for durable materials such as metal. In addition to this, ergonomics is important, so it should slide easily under the tabletop and the capacity of the drawers should ideally be adapted to the user’s needs. When in use, well-designed components will slide out easily and cleaning them must not be a problem.

Choose a solution from Elektron

Bet on good quality accessories such as the metal desk pedestal made to measure by Elektron. We take care of every detail in the processing of such orders, so you get a handy, ergonomic piece of furniture that will come in handy in any office or study. Robust materials ensure that it will serve you for years, and modern working methods such as robotised welding and powder coating guarantee a high level of workmanship.