June 7, 2022

Handrails for stairs

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Handrails for stairs are an indispensable element of the security of all types of buildings, from staircases in apartment blocks, through the security of factory buildings, to the external stairs of our houses. According to the provisions of Polish law, stair railings and balustrades should be installed on all stairs exceeding fifty centimetres in height, and their choice is of great importance for our safety. What material should the stair railings be made of? Which stair handrails should I choose depending on the application? And what dimensions should they be?

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Handrails for stairs—application

The handrails for stairs have one essential function, namely to protect the stair space and minimise the risk of accidents and personal injury when climbing or descending from heights. We should install handrails for every flight of stairs higher than fifty centimetres because, thanks to them, we reduce the probability of an accident and health damage, but this is not their only function. A side application, or rather an option for designers, is that stair railings can also be an effective finish and decoration for stairs. They are most often made of metal. The handrails for the stairs can be simple and laconic or richly decorated and finished with interesting materials, but the most important thing is that their base should be durable, solid, and resistant to both weather conditions,

Handrails for stairs: technical parameters

According to the construction law, any staircase that is used to overcome a height of more than half a metre must be equipped with railings or stair railings. In the case of single-family houses, their height, measured from the top of the handrail to the edge of the steps or landing, cannot be less than 90 cm. The same applies to handrails for external stairs leading to a house or plant, but their railings should extend beyond the length of the run by at least thirty centimetres at the top and bottom. Handrails for stairs without balustrades and filling in the form of bars are installed only on stairs, the height of which does not exceed one meter, provided that on both sides they are wider than the aisles or the door by at least fifty centimetres. When installing stair railings, in addition to the dimensions, you should also remember the quality of the material from which they are made. The handrails for stairs are most often made of various types of metal. Nevertheless, it is the steel stair railings, especially those made of stainless steel and galvanised steel, which are the most durable and practical option due to their high strength, physical properties, and resistance to atmospheric and mechanical factors.

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Handrails for stairs at the Elektron Group

The offer of the Elektron company includes the production and sale of many elements of small architecture and the finishing of buildings. Our extremely rich assortment includes, among others, industrial railings, system railings, and stair railings of the highest quality. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know the requirements not only of the market and the law but also of individual clients. Our company specialises in the production of handrails for stairs for residential and industrial buildings. We work based, first of all, on the standards and regulations of construction law and then on individual requirements for a specific project. All our handrails for stairs are made of the best quality materials and use the most desired technique, laser cutting, which offers the highest compliance with the requirements, repeatability, and thus, perfect refinement of every detail. We have many different designs of handrails for stairs that will satisfy even the most demanding consumers. So if you need a decent handrail for stairs of your project, be sure to check out our offer and contact us if you dream of an original project.