March 18, 2024

Panel fences

Panel fences: reliability and durability

Panel fencing from Elektron is one of the safest ways to fence off your business, industrial or private premises. Quick to install, inexpensive and yet extremely durable – steel panels meet all the criteria for a reliable fence!

What does a panel fence consist of?

Modern panel fences are a system of spans made of steel profiles and forming together single “panels”. These are separated by posts – usually metal – fixed on a solid concrete foundation. Each of the metal elements of the fence is coated with powder paint and a layer of zinc to protect them against corrosion.

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What are the most important advantages of panel fencing?

Why should you bet on panel fencing manufacturer Elektron? There are several reasons:

  • The durability of the fencing – steel is for many a reason synonymous with durability; and protected by anti-corrosive layers, it will be able to serve your business for years… and without requiring maintenance work;
  • Quick and easy assembly – the panels produced by us will arrive on your property already assembled; ready for immediate installation;
  • Low cost of implementation – due to the modularity of the fencing, the cost of implementation is lower than in the case of other types of metal fencing; cooperating with our company you can gain a reliable fence made of the highest quality steel at a low cost;
  • Universal character – metal panel fences are characterised by simplicity; thanks to it, they may well find their place in almost any company, industrial or public space.

Metal panel fences - when do they work best?

Due to their utilitarian character, focusing above all on reliability and durability, panel fences are used primarily to secure public spaces: sports facilities, car parks or parks, as well as areas belonging to private enterprises, such as industrial plants and warehouses.

Housing cooperatives and developers can also decide to invest in panel fences – a good idea for a low-cost fence for a newly built housing estate!

Panel fences made of profiles and metal sheets

The span fences we produce can be divided into two groups:

  • Profile panel fences – using steel profiles placed in parallel. Thanks to their simple aesthetics they fit into almost any space;
  • Panel fences with sheet infill – characterised by an infill of steel sheets with cut-out patterns.

Most importantly, however, both types of fencing are made from the same materials and are characterised by identical stability, durability and security.

Panel fences from Elektron - manufacturer of high quality solutions

Thanks to the many years of experience of our qualified staff of metalworking specialists and modern machinery, we can ensure that the panel fences we produce will fully meet your company’s expectations! Each of our realizations is created on the basis of the client’s project or an idea outlined by him – if you already have it, we invite you to submit a request for quotation! And if you don’t, our staff will help you work out all the details of the project. We at Elektron are already looking forward to working with you!