March 18, 2024

Style Bollards

Street furniture: modern solutions for urban spaces

It is a great challenge to design an urban space in such a way that everyone feels comfortable and safe. Elements of so-called ‘small architecture’, including street bollards, can be a great help!

Their function is as simple as their construction – they mark out the course of roadways, cycle paths and pavements and at the same time separate them from each other. By restricting the entry of vehicles, they guarantee the safety of pedestrians in the city – and make it easier for drivers to find their way around.

The street bollards can also have a decorative function; it is no coincidence that they are often designed to resemble centuries-old architecture! Aesthetically pleasing security routes therefore not only tidy up the urban space (making it visually “cleaner”), but also decorate it.

At Elektron, we produce street posts that will fit perfectly into your city space! We offer the realisation of post designs:

  • pavement posts;
  • parking bollards;
  • edging;
  • blocking;
  • decorative.
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Functionality and safety: pavement posts

Among the projects we have realised, you will find both classic pavement posts made of the highest quality steel and aesthetic decorative posts – finished in various colours. Regardless of their type, we always put functionality and safety first – our pavement posts meet the highest quality standards, so they can decorate and protect your city space for many, many years!

We will design the urban posts according to your project

Each of our realisations begins with your concept – what the ordered posts will look like and with what material they will be made depends solely on your needs and expectations. If you’re not sure what to expect from us yet, please feel free to contact our employees, who will help you to put the finishing touches to the project.

Rely on the Elektron offer

Thanks to the technology provided by our extensive machine park and the many years of experience of our specialists, we at Elektron are able to realise even the most demanding projects (in terms of quality and quantity). If you are looking for a trustworthy partner to help you take care of your urban space – choose the Elektron offer!

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