March 18, 2024

Bicycle shelters

Cycle shelters: safety and durability

With the development of infrastructure for two-wheel enthusiasts, more and more bicycle shelters are appearing in Polish cities. The shelters manufactured by our company can already be found near office buildings and schools, in the areas of the largest housing estates and near shopping centres – wherever cyclists may need “parking” for their vehicles. By choosing bicycle shelters from Elektron, you can be sure that your city will receive canopies made of the best quality material, guaranteeing excellent protection of bicycles from bad weather and ready to fulfil their role in the urban landscape for many years!

In the production of shelters we use only the best, expertly processed steel and combine it with polycarbonate materials, glass or the always aesthetically pleasing wood. Every element of the shelter – and above all the hangers and racks – is reinforced so that it is always ready to bear the load of the maximum number of vehicles. In other words – we make every effort to ensure the safety of their users.

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Why invest in bicycle sheds?

We have no doubt that bicycles are a great means of transport – especially in the city. However, for many cyclists the biggest problem is their parking; when commuting to work, school or shopping there are still many places where it is not possible to park the bike and hide it from the possible rain. Bicycle shelters from manufacturer Elektron are one solution – and a good investment in safety!

The bike shelter itself is first and foremost a reliable protection against adverse weather conditions. On a rainy day, such a canopy is basically the only option to protect your bike from precipitation (and potential corrosion). On the other hand, bicycle shelters make it easy to designate a dedicated place in an urban space for unicycles, which will certainly help to reduce the number of bicycles left loose on pavements.

It is also worth noting that, together with the shelter, we offer the possibility of installing bicycle racks or hangers, which will allow to secure bicycles against theft.

Bike shelters: price

At Elektron, we carry out all orders according to the customer’s design, so we price each implementation individually. If you are interested in our services – you can send us an enquiry, containing as much information as possible about the shelters you need for your company or institution. If you already have a finished product design – all the better. Our employees will quickly prepare an individual quotation for you.

Choose solid solutions from the Elektron range

Thanks to many years of experience and access to modern machinery, we are able to realise almost any project in the field of “small architecture”. By choosing bicycle shelters from Elektron, you can really be sure that you are betting on a reliable product – one hundred percent tailored to your expectations!