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About us - Metal work company

Elektron Limited Liability Company, a limited partnership, is a sophisticated metal processing company that is rapidly growing in the industry.

In the realm of mass metal processing, we give our clients all-steel structural work, production, and service. Qualified personnel, cutting-edge technology, and a well-stocked machine park, along with excellent work organization, enable us to fulfil even the most difficult requirements. We offer services based on our projects or those submitted by clients. During production, we focus a lot of attention on making efficient use of materials, which means cutting prices. Furthermore, due to our knowledge and experience, we can correctly counsel and provide recommendations during project implementation.


Our objectives include providing complete service to both individual and cooperative clients.


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We offer competitive pricing as well as customized pricing for each client.

Product manufacturing process

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Sheet bending and laser cutting, as well as welding of aluminium and other metals, are all done by the Elektron firm, with the help of innovative equipment and top-notch personnel. We also do specialised powder coating.

For welding aluminium and other materials, we employ MIG/MAG and TAG techniques.

Sheet metal bending is done swiftly and accurately, and the laser cutting process is reproducible. As a result, we can also handle very large orders. We also offer our skilled powder coating service, which can appropriately secure various metal pieces.

We can meet the most demanding customers’ needs because of our acquired and constantly expanded knowledge, as well as our possession of modern machines and trained personnel. Our products are distinguished by their high level of craftsmanship, personalized approach, competitive pricing, and quick implementation.