Why is it worth choosing our service ?

Quality services

We have not only qualified, specialised staff but also a machine park equipped with modern machines and innovative technologies.

All this, combined with the organisation of work at the highest level and logistics facilities, allows us to carry out even the most complex orders.

Serial metal processing in our machine park means the quick and effective performance of various services.

We offer both sheet metal bending and metal cutting with 2D laser cutting, as well as powder coating or threading holes. The technologies at our disposal allow us to very precisely cut with a 2D laser and bend sheets of any shape and size—both for single orders and for wholesale production. After making the shape desired by the customer, we can also carry out further processing of the material, thanks to which we will deal with defects and inaccuracies arising during the work, as well as additional services.

We do, among others, drilling and threading holes, abrasive machining or powder coating.


Thanks to modern devices at our disposal (such as, among others, the TRUMPF L3050 5KW) and specialized, experienced staff, we perform professional laser cutting of metal sheets. The technology at our disposal allows us to carry out the work very precisely and quickly. We can prepare any designs and shapes, and the results will certainly meet your expectations. We punch sheets up to a thickness of 25 mm for black steel, 15 mm for stainless steel, and 10 mm for aluminium, and have a working area of 1.5 x 3m. Metal laser cutting is extremely popular because it allows for full repeatability, which is especially important in wholesale production. LASER CUTTING IN 2D

We provide services in the fields of laser cutting of sections, pipes, closed profiles, and open profiles. Through automation, the laser cutting technology allows for the high repeatability of elements, while through automation it speeds up the production process and minimises costs. Laser cutting of pipes and profiles is a great solution that allows you to increase production capacity and the speed of order fulfilment.

The combination of modern presses, advanced dies and stamps, and the experience of our employees gives excellent results in the form of professionally made plastic processing of various sheets. The maximum pressure of our machines is as much as 135 tons, thanks to which we can plastic process materials with a thickness of 5 mm over a length of 3 meters. All this is possible thanks to the specialised numerical control of machines. What’s more, we also bend steel pipes.

The company’s offer also includes the plastic processing of sections. Thanks to the advanced numerically controlled bending machine, we can take elements from bent profiles or pipes with very high repeatability. The machines we work on include a fully automatic mandrel bender for pipes and profiles, as well as a three-roller bender for bending pipes and profiles. Thanks to the possibility of CNC bending, we can implement even the most complex projects.

Thanks to the competencies of our team and advanced machinery, our company can offer professional services in the field of metal drilling and threading. Drilling holes in metal is the processing of the material by cutting with a drill. The result of the work is a recess of any depth desired by the client, which most often has a circular cross-section. We also offer threading of holes, i.e. any thread shaping (both internal and external) of various machines, structures and devices. Both threading and drilling long holes in stainless steel require the use of specialized machines and devices that allow the service to be performed precisely. In our machine park, we have professional milling machines, lathes, drills and grinders, thanks to which – in addition to the above-mentioned services – we can also offer an increase in the diameter of the recess or its deepening. We provide punctuality, high quality and attractive price of our services. Contact us to find out more about the bending offer.

The necessary element to implement projects is the ability to make holes and threads in metal. We have the appropriate facilities; table drills and pneumatic threading machines.

The process of cleaning or shaping any surface with an abrasive in a stream of compressed air, or liquid. The sandblasting effect is similar to sanding, but the cleaned surface is more even and acquires the roughness required for painting, and there are no problems with cleaning hard-to-reach corners or curves. Other, sufficiently fragmented materials can also be used for sandblasting: copper slag, shot, glass, metal, dry ice, garnet (mineral), slag, and even ground pieces of coconut shells and other plants, which allows obtaining a specific appearance of the treated surface.

Thanks to modern devices that we have in our assortment, we can do, among other things, professional welding of carbon steel, aluminium, and other metals using the MIG/MAG method. Thanks to our experienced specialists, the obtained effect is of very high quality and does not contain harmful impurities on the welds. We also connect structural or stainless steel using the TIG method, using special tungsten electrodes. Welding structures using this technique are very popular because it allows for a very high quality of the obtained joints and the absence of restrictions in terms of the position in which the joining is performed. We can make professional, durable connections using MIG/MAG and TIG methods. Contact us and we will discuss all the details of the project together. Please contact us — we will arrange a convenient date and process even large amounts of material quickly and precisely.

We provide services in the field of welding repetitive elements in welding devices. Thanks to the robotic station, the elements that we implement are 100% repeatable. We have experience in welding repetitive elements such as furniture elements, table legs, furniture racks, pos racks, and shop shelves.

To properly prepare and protect various metal materials, powder coating is very often used for this. Choosing this technique is very cost-effective as it has many advantages. Any defects and inaccuracies that remain after processing are hidden under the applied layer of varnish. Moreover, such coatings will be resistant to high temperatures (therefore they will work well in hot environments), corrosion, rapid degradation of the surface and other possible damage. We offer professional powder coating of elements with a maximum height of 2 meters, a length of 3 meters, and a width of 1.5 meters. Our specialists approach each project individually, precisely and correctly performing the task. We carry out this method of painting quickly while maintaining punctuality.

Professional metal processing shapes a large portion of the devices and tools we use every day in the home or industry. Initially, we provided various types of services related to work on metal surfaces for clients from the Podkarpackie Province. Today, however, we can boast professional staff and access to various types of specialised machines, which means that our metal cutting services reach many individual and corporate customers from all over Europe. CNC machining allows metal elements to be given the desired dimensions, shapes, and surface quality. The experience of our team and reliable CNC machines make the result of our activities in this area satisfactory for the client, regardless of the complexity of his order. Our competencies also include abrasive machining, the purpose of which is to obtain—by grinding and polishing—a smooth, clean, and desirable surface.

In the production process of products exposed to weather conditions, it is very important to protect them against corrosion. Elements that require hot-dip galvanising or electro-galvanizing processes are sent to external companies to obtain an anti-corrosion coating. You do not need to be concerned that our company does not offer galvanising services. We will comprehensively organise the external galvanization service.

After the manufacture of metal components, many designs require further action to obtain a finished product. In our company, we provide services in the field of the  assembly of metal and non-metal elements.

We combine metal with




We mark products and stick stickers according to specifications.

We have extensive experience in this field, which we acquired during the production of shop shelves, POS shelves, and advertising stands.

Connecting metal elements, not including welding, is not terrible for us. It depends on the design specifications.

-We rivet the elements with rivets.

-We connect elements with rivet nuts.

-We weld threaded studs

-We turn