Why is it worth choosing our service ?

Quality services

We have not only qualified, specialised staff but also a machine park equipped with modern machines and innovative technologies.

All this, combined with the organisation of work at the highest level and logistics facilities, allows us to carry out even the most complex orders.

Serial metal processing in our machine park means the quick and effective performance of various services.

We offer both sheet metal bending and metal cutting with 2D laser cutting, as well as powder coating or threading holes. The technologies at our disposal allow us to very precisely cut with a 2D laser and bend sheets of any shape and size—both for single orders and for wholesale production. After making the shape desired by the customer, we can also carry out further processing of the material, thanks to which we will deal with defects and inaccuracies arising during the work, as well as additional services.

We do, among others, drilling and threading holes, abrasive machining or powder coating.