July 14, 2022

Storage partition

Storage partition - Wire Mesh, Sheet Metal, and Partition Systems

Internal and External Wire Partition system

Are you seeking a dependable manufacturer who you can trust to build a storage area, wire partitions, or wire mesh partitions? You’ve arrived at the proper location. At Elektron, we specialize in laser cutting as well as the fabrication and design of metal components. Our storage spaces and buildings are made possible by the union of these two services. Would you like to review our offer in more detail? We invite you to get acquainted with our production processes and product selection.

What are storage rooms?

According to the Act on the ownership of premises, storage rooms are a portion of rooms that are considered independent premises even if they are not next to each other. The most common type of storage room is a wire partition made of steel or sheet metal, which is also used to build garages, pantries, storerooms, parking lots, and basements.

Although the phrases “storage rooms” and “basements” are sometimes used synonymously, this is not accurate given that storage rooms can both act as the basement’s foundation and perform other functions. However, storage spaces are typically placed on the same level as the apartments and are used to store a variety of equipment, including wheelchairs, bicycles, and kids’ prams.

These kinds of extra rooms are quite appealing to developers since they can greatly raise the value of their investments at a reasonable cost by including storage units in their purchases.

What are wire partitions and wire mesh partitions?

Wire partitions and wire mesh partitions can be installed separately or as part of storage rooms. Buildings are collections of architectural elements that occupy a specific space. The primary types of urban, agricultural, and semi-detached structures include: What are the barriers here?

Wire partitions are a construction feature that defines a place. The majority of the time, they are covered with other materials, like concrete, and made of high-quality sheet metal or steel that has been galvanized to guard against corrosion and bad weather.

Wire mesh partitions are components of other building structures as well as standalone objects of spatial development in construction. Because they are very useful and enhance the comfort of residing in and working in certain structures, these kinds of architectural items are quite popular among real estate developers and owners. This increases the market value of the building.


How do we produce our storage rooms, wire partitions, and buildings?

Our business manufactures system storage rooms as well as special orders depending on the demands and preferences of our customers. At Elektron, we use the best steel possible to construct structures, wire partitions, and storage areas while adhering to all regulations and construction standards.

We first create the walls and frames. The walls are typically about 2 mm thick, while the steel framework is built of 40 × 40 mm profiles. We then continue to complete the framework. For this use, we laser-cut a whole sheet or one with a pattern chosen by the customer and weld several kinds of mesh to it in the middle of the frame. The next step is to protect it from mechanical and corrosive damage. At this point, at the client’s request, we galvanize storage spaces, wire partitions, and structures before coating them with a chosen color from the RAL palette using the powder process. And in doing so, we can produce the best, most long-lasting storage cells possible.

The convenient creator of buildings and storage rooms in Elektron

Development and storage rooms come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and pricing points in the Elektron selection. You do not, however, have to be restricted to selecting from our selection. Elektron has developed an intuitive wizard for this since we enjoy challenges and care about our clients’ delight.

Thanks to our application, we can adjust the building elements that we produce in series for the walls. All of our structures, including fencing, wire partitions, and storage units, can be customized and constructed to your ideas because we offer manufacturing services based on the projects and specific needs of our clients.

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