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If you are interested in the scope of our services and would like to obtain an offer, you should know what information will be needed to prepare an offer and can significantly speed up the entire offer process.

Comprehensive project service

In order to prepare an offer for a product according to your concept, please send us an inquiry, including as many details as possible about the product. The most important parameters are the dimensions of the product, the type of material used (if you have any doubts, you can consult our constructor), the color of the product, quantity, and the date of completion.

If you have a 2D / 3D design or PDF technical drawings, attach them to the inquiry (if you are concerned about sharing your designs, we can sign a confidentiality agreement between our companies).

If you do not have any documentation, describe the product to us, send a picture of the product, try to send as many details and information about the product as possible.

Sheet metal laser cutting / Laser cutting of pipes and profiles

Files required for valuation:

To perform a valuation of individual services, it is necessary to provide the following files:

  • Sheet metal (2-dimensional) part quotations in .dxf or .dwg format, containing only the contours of the part—no projections, dimensions, or technological tables.
  • .stp files for the pricing of tubes and profile parts

For each type of quotation, we kindly ask you to enclose a drawing in a pdf file, including dimensioning and scale information.

The lack of the above-mentioned files will be associated with a longer waiting time for the offer and an additional cost associated with the creation of the projection files.

Additional information necessary for valuation:

  • type of material
  • the material’s thickness
  • quantity of individual pieces

Each quote is treated individually, according to customer needs and project requirements. We do not offer a laser cutting service by metres.

The terms and method of payment are agreed upon individually with the customer.