December 7, 2020

Welding of steel structures

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Welding of steel structures

Welding” is a manufacturing or carving process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, using high heat to fuse parts and allow them to cool. The difference between welding and lower-temperature metal joining techniques, such as soldering and brazing, is that welding does not melt the base metal.

Thanks to the modern equipment that we have on offer, we can perform, among other things, professional welding of carbon steel, aluminium and other metals using the MAG method and the MIG method. Thanks to experienced specialists working for us, the obtained effect is of very high quality and does not contain harmful contaminants on the ponds. We can also connect structural or stainless steel with the TIG method, using special tungsten electrodes. Welding structures with this technique are very popular because it allows for a very high quality of obtained connections and there are no restrictions on the position in which the connection is made. We can make professional, permanent connections using the MAG method / MIG method / TIG method. Contact us and we will discuss all the details of the project together.


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Professional and reliable welding of steel structures

As a modern company, responding to the current market needs, we focus on high quality and knowledge supported by many years of experience. Our welders are professionals with many certificates and completed courses. They constantly improve their qualifications by taking part in training and ambitious projects. As a result, you can be confident that your order was completed with dependability and attention to detail.

Welding of steel structure is a simple process that does not require any specialist knowledge. However, its correct execution requires the highest qualifications. We always make sure that the obtained connection is characterised by the highest strength, ensuring the stability of the elements. Poorly performed welding of steel structures may result in a hazard to people in their environment. Therefore, all work must be performed with strict safety rules.
Welding of steel structure is a technology of choice for companies in many industries as it eliminates the need for fasteners such as bolts. First of all, it reduces the weight of the entire structure and its price, at the same time allowing for easier protection of the connection against corrosion and harmful environmental conditions.

Structure welding at a low cost

Many years of presence on the market and the use of modern tools allow us to reduce the costs of projects to a minimum, in other words, offering very competitive prices. We apply the principle of an individual approach to each client and order. We always select methods and materials that will bring the best results while keeping costs as low as possible.

Welding of steel structures is much more than achieving the appropriate strength of the connection. Customers are also concerned with aesthetic values, so all elements should be connected in such a way that the welds are as inconspicuous as possible. This is because many structures are currently exposed and visible to the users of a given facility. In our work, we always focus on maintaining the highest possible aesthetic value of connections if they are exposed.

The welders employed by us will cope with any task, even the most complicated ones. The use of mobile tools in combination with the dexterity and skill of the worker makes welds easy to perform in seemingly difficult-to-reach places.

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Quality control of steel structures

The quality of welded joints can be judged by the strength of the weld and the material around it. The main factors that affect the quality of the joint are the welding method, the materials to be joined, the amount and concentration of energy, and the joint design. When checking the quality of welds, many other factors are also taken into account, i.e., visible defects, distortions, and possible effects of heat.

Welding regulations and standards define guidelines for the welder and those who check the quality of the connection. Our experienced employees have completed many orders, so all welding performed by us is of the highest quality. Proper preparation and execution are a priority for our company, so that every customer remains satisfied, even the most demanding. We will make a project and arrange all the details of the service. We will also process large amounts of materials.

Elektron is a welding manufacturer that provides you with different types of welding methods that are easy and affordable.