June 14, 2022

Warehouse barriers

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It is impossible to imagine working in a warehouse without special equipment like forklifts or lift trucks, ramps, and safety measures. Storage barriers and rack covers are a key and indispensable attribute of every warehouse because thanks to them we care for the safety of both warehouse equipment and the people working in the plant. And we, as a manufacturer of top-class warehouse barriers for warehouse spaces, will tell you everything about them and convince you why our offer of barriers and protection is competitive on the market. What are warehouse barriers and rack covers? What are their types? And finally, what kinds of warehouse barriers can you buy at Elektron?

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Application of warehouse barriers?

Manoeuvring forklifts in narrow storage aisles is not the easiest thing, which often leads to accidents and damage to the shelves and warehouse equipment. Storage barriers and rack covers are special systems of protection and protection of walls, racks, production lines, and devices against damage resulting from inattentive driving of trucks, lift trucks, and other vehicles necessary to work in the warehouse. Warehouse barriers are often also used as a way to separate individual rooms inside the plant and to create a protective barrier against hazards, so they are not only recommended but also legally required in every warehouse. Warehouse barriers are made of the highest quality steel and then powder coated in yellow and black for better visibility. This approach to production guarantees resistance to impact and mechanical damage.

Warehouse Barriers-Appearance Requirements

For safety requirements and OHS regulations, The warehouse barriers at Elektron are powder coated in yellow, and then black stripes made of reflective foil are glued on them. When a specific order requires it, we also paint it with a second layer of powder paint in black. Industrial barriers used for outdoor use are always hot-dip galvanized before painting, while those used inside are usually not tinned, although at the customer’s request they can also be galvanized to additionally protect them against corrosion.


There are several main types of security systems on the market that differ in design and use. Below we present the most popular types available in the wide range of Elektron.

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Safety hoop barriers

Safety hoop barriers

Safety hoop barriers are one of the most popular guard types that allow pedestrian access to protected areas and are particularly suitable for the protection of wall-mounted equipment such as shelving, control cabinets, first aid equipment, and all types of storage cabinets. It is ideal and quite cheap protection against accidents and damage to equipment elements caused by forklifts, pallet trucks, and roller containers, which must be found in every storage space. Warehouse barriers are a must if you want to ensure the safety of equipment and employees.

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Pipe corner racking protector

Pipe corner racking protector

The next in line, in terms of popularity in Elektron, is the pipe corner racking protector. These types of warehouse barriers provide exceptionally effective and durable protection of passageways and warehouse corridors, although they are equally well suited to separating various communication routes. In addition, they also work great as a form of protection for machines, columns, racks, and loading ramps. In a word, you cannot do without them in stock.

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Pallet racking corner protector

Pallet racking protector

Pallet racking protector are bumpers that have the shape of a simple steel sheet. These types of warehouse barriers are most often used to protect all types of rack and passage. Our warehouse barriers are made of high-quality steel, then powder coated yellow and marked with black reflective stripes. For additional safety, the end of the post is permanently closed with a welded steel plug. Such warehouse barriers are effective as covers for shelves, machines, and devices of the production line, as well as for structural elements of warehouse halls.

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Height Restriction Barriers

Height Restriction Barriers

Height Restriction Barriers have several basic tasks: they reduce the height, inform about the lowering of the ceiling level, and prevent overly tall vehicles from passing under them. As a result, vehicles passing under protection breach the stop but do not damage the building structure. They are used on all types of warehouse aisles and crossings, especially where forklifts are often used.

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Vertical Pipe Protectors

Vertical pipe protectors

Securing racks, posts, and columns is essential in every warehouse. Rack covers provide safety against damage to sensitive columns, poles, and pipelines and are widely used in warehouses, factories, public buildings. There are many types of shields of this type available at Elektron, adapted to various types of conditions.

Elektron Group-producer of the highest quality warehouse barriers

As a manufacturer of warehouse barriers with many years of experience, we offer all of the above types of security, and we take care to provide the highest quality products. We make sure that each element we offer is made of the highest quality steel, taking into account all safety standards and regulations. Most often we focus on industrial barriers made of steel pipes: Ø48.3, Ø60.3, Ø108, but we also have experience in non-standard projects, so if you have unusual requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. In our assortment, you will find column, linear, corner, and hanging industrial barriers, racks, and column covers, as well as top-class floor barriers and wheel guides. Whatever decision you make, though, you can be certain that.

Industrial barriers-ordering process at the Elektron Group

Interested in ordering from Elektron? Here’s what the ordering process looks like:

  1. Send an inquiry by e-mail and include information on the type and dimensions of the barriers in the message.
  2. Wait for our team to prepare an individual offer for you.
  3. Accept the offer and wait for the finished product.

Therefore, do not wait, just contact us today!