March 18, 2024

Road blockers

Traffic posts: safety first

Traffic posts are one of the basic elements of urban “small architecture”, responsible for traffic safety. It is a trivial solution – but that is precisely why they pass the test of functionality in our cities!

On city streets, road safety posts have several functions. First and foremost – they guide traffic and separate the line of cars from the walking pedestrians. In doing so, they also have an informative function (just like ordinary road signs), signalling objects at the edge of the road and delineating bends. In short, they help to ensure the safety of all road users!

Interestingly, warning posts can also have a … decorative function. For example as part of the fence of a trendy café or a path in a city park. Of course, the design of such posts is quite different from that of roadside posts and focuses on aesthetics rather than functionality.

At our company, we batch produce posts with different properties and applications – but always tailored to the customer’s needs! We fulfil orders for posts:

  • parking posts;
  • blocking;
  • edging;
  • for traffic signs;
  • decorative.
16_Słupki drogowe

We manufacture traffic posts of the highest quality

We carry out each of our orders with the utmost care – at Elektron we know very well that the safety of both pedestrians and drivers depends on the quality of our products.

Metal traffic posts guarantee reliable service for many, many years; and always in accordance with the safety standards in force. They are characterised by high resistance not only to mechanical damage, but also to adverse weather conditions.

We pay particular attention to the colours of the posts; after all, they must be clearly visible even in the heaviest rain! Colours are selected to suit the customer’s requirements, but most often – we opt for reflective shades.

Metal road studs from Elektron - the professional choice

Thanks to the experience of our specialists and the possibilities inherent in our machinery, we are able to comply 100% with the norms and regulations in force in Poland. This is why professionals rely on us – why not join them?

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