Powder coating and ecology as it is.

Powder coating is currently the most popular form of coating metal surfaces. This was due to the extraordinary durability and quality of the coating, the smooth surface of the painted elements, anti-corrosion protection, and the environmental friendliness of this method. Yes, you did not foresee it. Powder coating is considered an environmentally friendly option. It’s hard to believe that some painting methods can be ecological. We were there too, so we decided to take a closer look at this issue.


Why are ecological varnishing solutions sought?

Traditional painting methods are harmful in two main respects: they destroy the natural environment and human health and life. What exactly are the risks?

Destruction of the natural environment

Nowadays, no educated person can afford to take a tongue-in-cheek look at the predictions of scientists regarding the climate threat or to deny the existence of climate change, because, apart from the thousands of scientific studies on this subject, examples of the destruction of our planet are seen every day. Therefore, scientists have been working for many years to develop varnishing methods that will no longer cause such great harm to the planet and humans, because apart from their detrimental impact on our atmosphere, traditional varnishing methods also damage the health of people who provide services of this type.


Harmful effects on health and life

For over fifty years, the extremely dynamic development of paint production technology as well as new solutions and methods of varnishing has been noted. At the root of this phenomenon is the need to identify new ways of producing paint that will not pollute the atmosphere and methods of applying them that do not harm the health of people working in the industry. Necessary in traditional painting, volatile organic compounds emitted during painting have an extremely detrimental effect on air quality, which leads to respiratory diseases, dyspnea, nausea, chronic headaches, mucosal diseases, eyes, and lungs.

Is powder coating ecological?

We can assure you that powder coating is a completely environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paint solutions. Why? Well, there are several important factors.

First of all, the powder coating process uses only powder paints that have certificates and approvals that no substances harmful to people, animals, or the environment are present in their composition. The paints used for powder coating are therefore completely safe for both painters and our planet. Powder paints are marked with appropriate approvals that allow them to come into contact with food or even drinking water.

Powder painting - 3

Secondly, no harmful solvents are used during powder coating. The powder paint does not have to be reapplied to the surfaces because the thickness of the obtained layer is comparable to three layers of solvent-based paint, and the curing procedure itself does not lead to the production of any substances harmful to health or the environment. In this process, there is no release of volatile compounds, which prevents air pollution.

Third, powder coating is efficient and produces almost no waste. After painting, the powder paint does not settle on the painted surface but remains in the paint chamber, which enables its reuse. This allows for almost 100% use of paint, which translates into saving time, money, and, above all, materials.


Powder coating is an environmentally friendly variant of the coating

Contrary to popular belief, not all varnishing methods are equally harmful to humans and the environment. After hundreds of studies and tests and many years of testing, scientists were able to develop a relatively environmentally friendly method of painting, namely powder coating. You can read more here about the advantages of this printing method.