Powder coating of steel elements-automotive

For several years, powder coating has been the most commonly used method of covering steel structures. This painting method is used in most industrial and production sectors. However, among them, powder coating of steel elements is most often used in the automotive industry. What are the main advantages of powder coating in the automotive industry? What does powder coating of steel elements look like in the automotive industry? What car parts are powder coated the most? These are the issues that we will consider in today’s article.

Powder painting - 3

What does the powder coating of steel parts look like in the automotive industry?

The popularity of powder coating in the automotive industry was determined not only by the precision and durability of the coating but primarily by the fact that the painted surface was protected against the destructive effects of external factors. It is a technology that offers not only a colour change but also creates a hard and damage-resistant coating on the surface. Thus, the powder-coated sheet is more resistant to chemical reactions and mechanical factors while pleasing the eye with a saturated and even colour. This is especially important for items such as rims, parts, and car bodies, as well as parts for motorcycles or bicycle frames.


  • The powder coating of steel structures used in the automotive sector is divided into three basic stages. At least in the first preparatory phase, i.e., at the initial stage of surface treatment, which consists of removing dirt, damage, and unevenness from the surface and then degreasing it. to the need to bring the surface to an appropriate smoothness.
  •  The second stage is spraying the powder paint. Then, electrified paint particles in the form of a powder are applied to a given element of a special painting tool, commonly known as a powder coating gun or applicator. The use of such a device guarantees no stains or unevenness in the applied paint.
  • The last stage, however, consists of melting the applied paint in a special paint oven by heating it to a temperature ranging from 140 to 200 degrees Celsius, which creates a hard and solid coating. Powder coating sheet metal is not only a great visual effect, because the excellent coverage obtained thanks to this method allows you to create a tight barrier that separates the surface from the effects of factors causing, for example, corrosion.

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, specialists from the automotive industry appreciate powder coating of steel elements due to the quality of the powder paints themselves. The largest producers of paints and varnishes compete in the production of new products for powder coating. In addition to the extremely wide range of colours, powder paints offering non-standard finishing effects, such as matte, gloss, or satin, are very popular.

Powder coating has several advantages in the automotive industry.

  • smooth surface without protrusions and stains.
  • depending on the type of paint used
  • protection against mechanical damage and chemical factors.
  • reducing the likelihood of corrosion.
  • minimising the harmful impact on the environment.
  • speed of implementation.
  • a high and precise coefficient