The use of steel pergolas in housing estates

Along with the ongoing modernization and urbanisation of Polish cities and villages, our housing estates are becoming more and more adapted to our needs and the requirements of everyday life. In modern housing estates, we can see practical bicycle stands and shelters, great playgrounds, and slim-line garbage arbours. All these small elements of small architecture make our lives better, and our neighbourhood does not scare us with rubbish scattered around the garbage cans and just parked two-wheelers. And although we often forget it, sometimes such simple ideas as pergolas or garbage canopies significantly improve the quality of our lives. Therefore, today we will tell you how steel pergolas can be useful in the spatial arrangement of your facility and why such simple elements as garbage canopies should be present in every housing estate.

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What are pergolas?

Pergolas are external structures, usually consisting of two rows of supports and a system of beams, light trusses or other structures placed on them. Their main application is the shading and protection of a certain space against the influence of weather conditions such as sunlight, snow, or rain. Pergolas found their place in architecture and urban planning as early as the Middle Ages, although their appearance slightly changed depending on the changing trends and their use. And housing estate pergolas have a lot of them! Steel pergolas are perfect as dumpster gazebos and bicycle sheds, while metal or made of a combination of wood and metal will be perfect as home and garden roofing. Canopies for bicycles


The use of Residential Pergolas

Pergolas and all types of utility and garden canopies are extremely important and practical elements of any space, but apart from their practical function, they can also add a bit of style and elegance to any park, alley, garden, or factory space, even if their purpose is not the most attractive. What are the most popular applications for housing estate pergolas?


Pergolas as garbage canopies

Dumpster gazebos and garbage sheds are indispensable pieces of equipment in every garden, housing estate, or industrial plant! Why? The reasons are quite prosaic, but by no means less important! Rubbish shelters are a key element of any public space, as they allow you to maintain order. Steel pergolas, which are durable and solid, work especially well here. Steel dumpster gazebos keep the space in perfect condition and, at the same time, look neat for years.

Pergolas as bicycle sheds

We have already established that steel pergolas are excellent for use as garbage sheds. However, is this their only use in public space? Of course not! Apart from rubbish, our two-wheelers also require roofing on housing estates! And in this matter, steel pergolas are triumphant again, because they are durable, long-lasting, and resistant to both weather conditions and mechanical damage. By choosing steel pergolas as bicycle shelters, you can be sure that this expense will pay off!

Pergolas as places to meet and rest

We have already discussed the most practical applications of housing estates, so the time has come for something more interesting! Did you know that steel pergolas can also be used as arbours? Pergolas with comfortable benches and a table can become the real centre of your neighbourhood's social life! It is a place of rest and peace that will come in handy in any housing estate. Therefore, if you are wondering what this space is missing and you already have bicycle shelters and garbage cans, maybe it's time to think about a pergola?

Which pergolas to choose?

As we have already established, pergolas are both very simple and interesting building structures that are widely used in the spatial development of houses, businesses, gardens, and parks. How to choose the perfect pergola First of all, focus on quality, durability, practicality, and timeless appearance! If you want to use pergolas as garbage canopies, choose simple, but tight and durable models. For these purposes, steel pergolas are the best solution, as they do not corrode and are very solid and resistant to weather conditions. The same applies to bicycle shelters—in this case, the top priority on your list of priorities should be strength and tightness. Other variants are tin, concrete, and wooden pergolas. However, they are better suited for roofing terraces and gardens. The choice of material is behind us. What’s next? In addition to the material, when choosing pergolas, pay attention to the quality of workmanship, experience, and other implementations of the manufacturer, as well as that the model should look neat and timeless.

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