Urban furniture – what is it?

Many people are unaware that “urban furniture” refers to outdoor or street furniture. Like residential furniture, this urban furniture is essential as it enhances the beauty of the city. Urban furniture is characterised as decorative and cosy components that express a city’s character. Urban furniture is a crucial component of the city that helps to enhance urban living, create a dependable and comfortable atmosphere, and best serve user demands. We all share them since they are parts of everyone. These objects, which are often referred to as street furniture, are frequently fixed in location and have a specific function. For example, you can use them to put your trash into or to sit on.

But benches and trash cans are simply the tips of the urban furniture. It is what people require, where they require it. Bike racks, bus stops, bollards, planters, benches, picnic tables, lamps, canopy pergolas, and a wide variety of other objects can all be included in this category. It may also alter with time. For instance, phone boxes, which were previously a typical feature of urban furniture, are no longer required.

Improving the outdoors

Street furniture improves the outdoor experience by bringing comfort and personality to our public places. Imagine a park with no places to sit. It’s frequently something you don’t notice until it’s gone. Seeing trash blowing around is all too often because there isn’t a specific location where people can dispose of it.

Urban furniture can be categorised into groups based on its intended use, such as rest, protection, dustbin, shelter, etc. How will people use the space, and what facilities should we offer to enhance their experience? Let’s take a closer look at a few pieces of furniture from each category.


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All types of seating, including benches, seats, picnic tables, loungers, and more, are included in the “Rest” category. They serve the specific purpose of giving people a place to relax, think, and meditate outside. Consider the purpose of the seating option before selecting one. Will they need food there? Is it appropriate for them to sit alone or with others? Is it a spot to spend some time relaxing or just a quick pit stop? All of these inquiries might assist in determining the finest kind of seating for the area. Metal benches have established a reputation as a popular material for outdoor furniture. It’s robust, long-lasting, and low-maintenance, but at the sacrifice of other crucial elements like comfort and aesthetics.


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A bike stand is another important type of urban furniture. Bikes can be parked in either public or private locations using bike stands, which are very effective traffic safety devices. These bike stands shield passengers from harm by preventing bicycles from falling to the ground. In addition, ground bike stands provide the best parking solution and help hold two-wheeled vehicles. Drivers feel more confident knowing that their bikes are securely fastened to the bike stand or bike storage rack, which is included in the “Protection” category. It is not a problem to use a bike stand to keep bikes upright. Although there are many more options for parking bikes, floor-mounted bike stands are incomparably more convenient. These bike stands are easy to put wherever you need to park one bike or several, according to your requirements.

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Trash cans

There are many different types of dustbins included in furniture for garbage disposal. Smaller or bigger, movable or permanent, with or without a cover, for separating recyclables, for animal waste, etc. are just a few of the many variations available. Similar to choosing benches, it’s a good idea to think about how the space will be used while selecting trash. How many individuals use it? Is it accessible and close to a campsite? How often and how will the trash be collected? The trick is to ensure enough waste disposal in the appropriate locations. Metal trash cans are the most common and practical option and with good reason! Residential metal bins are resistant to extreme cold and heat, UV rays, and the damaging effects of water. This kind of residential area bin comes in a variety of sizes and designs and is very simple to set up and operate. Metal residential area bins can also be powder coated in a variety of colours to further enhance the appeal of the area.


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The items in the shelter category provide shelter from the sun and/or wind and rain. They feature parasols, bike hubs, canopy pergolas, and bus stations for public transportation. They are frequently placed next to other items of urban furniture, such as a bench at a bus stop or a canopy attached to a picnic table. Canopy pergolas are not only used in public areas but also in residential areas; pergolas are used in gardens, restaurants, bike shelters, and garbage storage sheds. They are both very basic and attractive building structures. These various applications have led to the development of numerous different sorts of these small architectural pieces.


selecting urban furniture

This is only a brief overview of a handful of the many alternatives accessible in the large subject of urban furniture. The phrase can also refer to canopy pergolas and bike stands in addition to furniture. When selecting urban furniture for a project, it’s a good idea to consider and inquire about how people will utilise the area. You may use this to select which components will work best, how many you’ll need, and where to put them.

Every project is distinct, and everyone will function best with a certain set of components. At Elektron Group, we especially enjoy working in this area because well-designed street furniture may be the perfect finishing touch for a stunning urban project. A well-planned proposal for urban furniture will draw people who will employ and appreciate the area as planned.


For inspiration on urban furniture, visit Elektron Group or get in touch with us to see how we can assist you with the planning of your urban projects.