What do barriers and bollards do?

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The safety of your employees from potential injuries is more important than anything else in a facility. Use damage prevention devices to provide complete warehouse protection whenever heavy equipment is operating close to your employees. However, not all products are created equal. To establish a safe workplace, let’s look at both bollards and barriers and explore some of the maintenance problems that may occur.

What is Safety Bollards?

A bollard is a short, strong post that is usually made of steel and is anchored to a solid surface, such as concrete. The low-profile, post-shaped deterrent is designed to obstruct all vehicle motion while permitting unrestricted pedestrian mobility. Bollards are designed to withstand significant impact and deflect potential blows away from the area or thing they are meant to protect.

Bollard Types

Different varieties of bollards provide different types of protection. The criteria used to evaluate these bollards (and barriers) have a ranking system. The highest grade corresponds to the strongest protection according to the requirements, which are based on perpendicular impact at a specific speed.

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Security bollards that resist ramming by vehicles are known as anti-ram-raid bollards.


These bollards define the path and road in your warehouse or logistics system, deflecting traffic and intruders. These sorts of bollards are important if your warehouse’s traffic flow is important.

Although landscaping bollards serve a similar purpose to architectural bollards, there may be a difference in that they may be more aesthetically pleasing than functional, even though the purpose is still served.

Bollards are used where? 

Bollards are used in a variety of locations across your business. Instead of using a full guardrail to define an area, they can be erected in pairs to mark doorways, one to defend busy corners, or even in a series. They can be used as a kind of filter, establishing lanes to separate traffic involving machines and vehicles from that involving people. In a building, bollards are typically placed in front of machinery, sprinkler systems, utilities, or practically anywhere you want to protect against potential vehicle damage while still allowing for foot traffic.

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What is a Safety Bollards?

A guardrail and a barrier are similar. It offers greater linear protection than a bollard as a material handling option. Guardrails and crash barriers are two types of obstacles that are used to restrict the movement of both people and vehicles across a wide region. The only purpose of barriers, which are often made of steel or concrete, is to provide protection.

Where are barriers used?

A facility will have a barrier in place to guard long stretches of racking and walls. They are floor-mounted and have a thin space between the barrier and the assets they are designed to shield from a hit. They are used whenever you want to define and separate space, including at rack ends, to protect utilities, around equipment and conveyors, and wherever else. Guardrail barriers can be used to outline the working areas at a facility and are frequently painted in bright colours that are very visible.