How much does steel laser cutting cost?

It is now well known that laser cutting of steel is the most effective and appropriate method of processing this material. Laser cutting works very well when working with materials such as black, stainless, or galvanised steel. This is the most modern option, especially against the background of quite outdated cutting variants such as mechanical cutting or cutting with a torch. Laser cutting is, apart from cutting with a water or plasma beam, one of the most popular methods of cutting not only steel, but also other brass, copper, or aluminium materials..

This variant is extremely popular due to the extraordinary precision of cutting, identical repeatability of each subsequent manufactured element, and the lack of the need for secondary processing of finished elements. It is these features that influence the popularity of steel laser cutting. However, do they not also increase the price of this service? How much does steel laser cutting cost? On what basis is the steel laser cutting price list determined? It is the material issues that we will deal with today, and we will see how much laser cutting of steel costs.

Valuation of steel laser cutting

The valuation of laser cutting is a very complex process that takes into account at least several factors. As a rule, the valuation depends on many different aspects, so it is individually prepared for each client and order, based on the specificity of the project.

What determines the valuation of laser cutting?

Machine time and the appropriate tools

Although the procedure itself and the laser cutting technology are not extremely complicated in terms of theoretically, their implementation requires at least several important factors, such as having specialised and modern machines, qualified personnel, as well as properly adapted and equipped machinery that is only able to provide the most professional and best metalworking companies on the market. So the valuation depends mainly on the machine time.

Material type and thickness

These factors, among others, affect the cost of laser cutting. What else affects the valuation of laser cutting of steel? The costs generated by laser cutting also depend on the specificity of the material, i.e. its type—it can be stainless steel, black steel, or galvanized—as well as its thickness—usually the thinner the material, the lower the cost of the order.


Specifics of the order

Another factor affecting the pricing of laser cutting is the complexity of a given order. Therefore, the price depends on the length of the cutting line, the number of burnouts, as well as the complexity, size, and shape of the details. It should also not be forgotten that the price list for laser cutting may vary depending on the size of the order and the number of processed elements.

As you can see, a specific answer to the question of how much steel laser cutting costs is difficult to answer. Therefore, the best solution for entrepreneurs planning laser cutting orders is to prepare a preliminary design and order the preparation of an adequate valuation from a professional company that will take into account all the above-mentioned factors and prepare a reliable assessment of the actual costs.

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