Precision and speed in laser cutting of metal sheets

Cutting metal with a laser is one of the most popular and effective cutting options available on the market. The exceptional spread of the use of laser beam cutting is primarily due to ergonomics, accuracy, and speed of order completion. It is a method based on the use of special devices emitting a concentrated laser beam, which precisely cuts various types of elements made of even the most durable and untreated materials. Laser cutting is one of the most modern processing methods, with similar dimensional parameters as classical machining but with significant time savings and increased precision. Metal laser cutting is most often used to cut various types of metal sheets, for example, those made of carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, or aluminium. Unlike other methods of cutting metal, laser technology offers several additional advantages in the form of a small amount of waste and emitted gases, as well as high repeatability of the shape of the manufactured elements.


Precision in laser cutting of metal sheet

The main factors influencing the increase in the accuracy of laser cutting are the cutting factors used, which in this case are a hot laser beam and high purity technical gas. It is the laser beam that provides exceptional cutting accuracy, down to 0.009 mm. No other cutting method is even comparable in this regard. Sheet metal laser cutting is the best choice for all those who care about the perfect implementation of mass production of the same elements in the shortest possible time. 

Due to the high repeatability of the process, negligible amounts of waste, cutting both regular and irregular shapes, and quick implementation time, this innovative method will be appreciated most by the largest entrepreneurs who want to maximise the efficiency of production processes, especially when cutting sheet metal. Laser cutting allows you to make even the smallest items while maintaining all the details of a given pattern, which is of colossal importance when creating metal decorations or manufacturing parts for technical devices. In addition to miniature products, laser cutting also allows the processing of large surfaces, which is why it is widely used in the furniture, shipbuilding, and automotive industries as well as in the production of large-scale metal structures in construction.

The speed of laser cutting of metal sheet

The 3D laser cutting method allows you to drastically reduce the time needed to execute orders consisting of both regular and irregular shapes of sheets of various types. This technique is characterised by the ergonomics and efficiency of sheet metal cutting, which enables the production of wholesale quantities of metal elements in an extremely short time. An additional advantage that makes the process of metal sheet cutting so quick and efficient is minimising the amount of post-production waste, reducing the time needed to clean the station, and eliminating the need for post-production processing because this technique leaves smooth edges and almost complete automation of orders due to the use of the innovative TH65 IPG YLR-2000 W model HS-TH65.

Among the most important advantages of choosing 3D laser cutting, we can distinguish:

The main advantages of laser metal cutting

• Exceptional cutting precision

•Speed of task completion

the cut edge’s aesthetic finish

•there is no need for additional processing,

•the ability to create irregular shapes

•low risk of insufficient excision

•the procedure’s high level of security

•environmentally friendly procedure,

•Cutting repeatability

•the possibility of minimising the amount of waste.

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