March 18, 2024

Metal beds

There are some pieces of furniture that no home or flat can do without. These include a bed with a metal frame. It is of course most often found in the bedroom, where, among other things, it creates a place to relax and rest at night. For a good night’s sleep, a metal bed must be sturdy and well-made, and provide its owner with a sense of security. In addition, it can also be a decorative element of the space, as is the case with models such as the loft bed, for example.

Metal bed: a timeless solution

When choosing bedroom furniture, it is worth thinking about solutions that will last for a long time and will not go out of fashion. Such is the metal bed, robust, timeless and multifunctional. Its simplicity and universal form mean that it will always fit in with the décor, despite changing trends. This is why, among other things, it is a great solution for hotel owners who, when furnishing their guest rooms, are looking for furnishings that will be an investment for many years. This is because metal beds will go perfectly with both more traditional décor and modern additions.

15_Łóżka metalowe

Is a made-to-measure metal bed a good idea?

You may be wondering whether bespoke metal beds for a hotel or other establishment is a good idea. It is an excellent decision that allows you to incorporate your own ideas into the arrangement or to utilise even an unusual or small space. Using them will therefore be very comfortable, and a correctly sized frame ensures that every visitor to the facility will enjoy using their room, even if it is small. It is therefore an idea of how to make small rooms functional.

Is a made-to-measure console a good idea?

If you want a solution tailored to you and your needs, a custom-made and made-to-measure console for your loft hallway is an excellent idea. This way, it will fit even in an unusual or small space and be really functional at the same time. It is also a great idea for people who appreciate personalised, original designs that completely meet their expectations and differ from ready-made furniture. Such a loft console will also easily become part of a larger design project.

Bespoke metal beds for hotels and beyond from Elektron

A comfortable and sturdy bespoke metal bed is therefore one of the essential pieces of furniture for any hotel or other accommodation facility. In addition to this, we also make other bespoke metal furniture such as wardrobes, bookcases, consoles or desks. Our products, such as the loft bed, are suitable for both industrial and modern interiors and are ideal for places where individuality and aesthetics are important.

Metal bed: manufacturer of modern solutions

As a manufacturer of metal beds, we offer proven solutions for facilities such as hotels. Our custom-built developments are actually an investment that lasts for years, thanks to the robust materials, versatile designs and careful workmanship. We use laser metal processing, robotised welding or powder coating, among other methods. By choosing such a proposal, you are also deciding to purchase a comfortable sleeping space and a perfect addition to the interior of your chosen room. It will also be an expression of the style of the place and its class, so it is worth taking care of every detail in this case, so that all guests will be really satisfied with their stay.