Stainless Steel Pools

Stainless Steel Pools

Stainless steel pools are more and more often used in recreational and sports facilities, water parks, and private facilities. The material from which they are made allows the production of products of various sizes and shapes. The assembly is efficient and quick because it does not require the hardening of the substrate.

Our company carries out each order individually, so we can meet the expectations of each client.

Our pools are characterised by:

  • We guarantee the tightness and solidity of workmanship—we make sure that every detail is properly refined to obtain the best effect.
  • The material from which the pool is made is resistant to mechanical damage, weather conditions, chlorine and water.
  • modern look—adapted to individual orders.
  • The material is easy to keep clean—the specificity of the material limits the development of aquatic organisms and allows for more effective cleaning.

The structure of the pool is made of 100 mm x 50 mm stainless steel profiles and 3 mm thick stainless steel sheets. The elements are connected by TIG welding and then ground and polished.

If you need custom-made products, please contact us. We will certainly fulfil every order.

We invite you to familiarise yourself with our offer.