What is powder coating and how does it differ from the traditional one?

What is powder coating?

Powder coating has been very popular for several decades. It is a reliable method of applying paint to a wide variety of surfaces. Powder coating is done by spraying powder paint on the object to be painted. The electrified powder paint particles are directed to the conductive surface. For the powder coating to be successful, the material must be thoroughly prepared in advance. The treated element must be free of dirt, dust, or any other contamination. To carry out the process of powder coating, it is necessary to thoroughly smooth the treated surface. For example, the sandblasting method can be used to restore it to the desired condition.


Process of powder coating

Once you have cleaned and secured the material, you can start the powder coating process. Two of his methods are distinguished. The first is the high-voltage method that uses electrostatic spraying. Its great advantage is the ability to easily control the entire process, which is powder coating. The devices used to carry it out generate a negative charge on the paint particles. The positively charged powder-coated surface attracts particles as a result of an electrostatic field. The second method, carried out by electrokinetic spraying, is called turbostratic, or frictional. It allows you to easily and evenly paint all the elements, even those with very complicated shapes. This type of powder coating is also known as the Tribe method. Kinetic energy plays a major role in it. The paint particles are charged by friction against the inside of the applicator. They adhere to the surface after impact. Electrostatic powder coating is a very demanding process. To conduct it, several key conditions must be met. A very important one is choosing the right space in which the powder coating will take place. The workshop should be provided with good-quality surface cleaning devices, adequate ventilation, and lighting.

Powder coating versus traditional coating:

Powder coating has many advantages. Compared to the traditional method of varnishing, it looks much better. The main difference between powder and paint coating is the type of material used to coat the surface. The first method uses a solid (hardened powder paint). The second method uses a liquid. Powder coating ensures much better durability. It is also worth paying attention to the efficiency of powder paints; their consumption compared to paints used by other methods is much lower, and this directly translates into saving money. Moreover, powder paints are harmless to the environment and human health. The method of powder coating makes it possible to obtain a smooth, uniform surface and a variety of finishes, from matte to high gloss.

The use of powder coating

Powder coating is a method mainly used for finishing metal surfaces, for example, aluminium or steel. In recent years, however, the development of technology has expanded the scope of this method’s application. High durability and resistance to weather conditions enable the use of powder coating on many levels. This method is mainly used in the automotive industry for painting, for example, car bodies or rims. No stains, chips, or protection against moisture and high temperatures allow the use of this type of paint in the construction industry when creating coatings on gutters or radiators. As powder coating is completely safe for health, it is also used for finishing everyday objects, for example, door handles, lamps, ornaments, and even tableware.


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