Laser cutting, a process used in the production of industrial furniture

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The Industrial furniture style in interior design and surface finishing has been reigning in showrooms for many seasons. Its popularity is growing due to its exceptional functionality, ease of maintenance, longevity, and eye-catching appearance. Currently, it can be found in almost all styles, both in residential and office spaces. This type of finishing solution can be found in both the innovative, raw finish of the space and the elegant and subdued furnishings.

The furniture preserved in the industrial style is most often inspired by the strict style of industrial facilities, factories, and abandoned warehouses, and the materials most often used for their production are steel, brass, aluminium, copper, and wood. Originally designed, minimalist and very stylish furniture creates a unique atmosphere in the interior, so whether you are a designer, manufacturer, or simply a furniture enthusiast, you must stay up to date on the latest trends and the most innovative methods of furniture production, such as laser cutting.

Characteristics of industrial furniture

Industrial furniture is usually made with the use of simple forms, without unnecessary details and flashy colours, and its aesthetic values are achieved with the help of extraordinary solutions and the use of interesting materials that meet its utilitarian goals. Loft furniture, thanks to the use of materials such as metal or wood, is not only beautiful but also long-lasting, very easy to clean, and does not require impregnation.


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They are characterised by their simplicity and the pursuit of the maximum utility of the furniture without unnecessary decorations and unnecessary accessories. The use of materials such as steel, wood, or other types of metal guarantees the longevity of both specific furniture models and the timelessness of the entire arrangement. Natural materials in combination with the severity of the finish will work in almost any condition and interior styling. Industrial furniture style appears elegant and stylish as finishing elements for residential and utility surfaces, as well as garden or terrace decoration.


Laser cutting in the production of industrial furniture

The innovative method of 3D laser cutting is most often used for the production of furniture in an industrial style. Laser cutting is the most accurate and, at the same time, the most advantageous cutting method on the market. In the case of industrial furniture, it works especially well due to its versatility and the repeatability of the manufactured elements, which is incomparable to other cutting techniques. Because only laser cutting will guarantee the perfect trimming of various materials and complex patterns.

As previously stated, industrial furniture is typically made of various types of metal or metals combined with a wooden finish. Materials such as steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, or aluminium are not the easiest to process. Therefore, only laser cutting is perfect for the production of furniture from these materials.


Another issue in the production of industrial-style furniture is the cost of execution. Although materials of this type are not very expensive, their processing can be troublesome. Fortunately, laser cutting can significantly lower the cost of manufacturing a specific piece of furniture despite the above-mentioned precision or repeatability of the manufactured elements. This is because the final product of laser cutting is characterised by perfectly smooth edges, which eliminates the need for secondary processing.

Advantages of using laser cutting in the production of industrial furniture

In a summary, we would like to once again define the main benefits of choosing laser cutting as a manufacturing method for industrial furniture. They are, first of all:

• Cutting accuracy

• Speed of implementation

• There is no need for secondary processing

• Highest element repeatability

• Suitable for a variety of materials

• The ability to design intricate patterns

Elektron provides you with laser-cutting services. The laser cutting technique provides your furniture with a new look and design, which changes your home decor. Get in touch with the Elektron Group if you discover a fantastic laser-cutting service.