The use of laser cutting in industry

The use of laser cutting in the industry

Laser cutting is a precise and modern way to process metal materials. It is characterized by similar dimensional parameters as classical machining, and the main difference between them lies in the cutting factor used, which in the case of laser cutting is a hot laser beam and high-purity technical gas. This makes laser cutting not only an ideal ergonomic way to cut both regular and irregular shapes but also the most ecological cutting method available in the metalworking market. This affects not only its usefulness but, above all, its wide application in many different industries. You are probably asking yourself a question about exactly in which industries the laser cutting method is most often used. Where is it worth using this option, and why is this option the most advantageous? It is the answers to these questions that we will deal with today.

Laser cutting is a technology widely used all over the world. This is one of the most modern methods of processing metal materials and more. When we compare laser cutting to, for example, an option where the cutting factor is a water jet, we immediately notice the advantages of the first option. The cut elements are much more detailed, and the edges of the material do not require additional abrasive processing. This gives great opportunities to work with even the smallest and most difficult-to-cut metal products, such as pipes, profiles, or parts with irregular shapes. Laser technology allows you to achieve the highest quality while minimizing post-production waste. All these factors contribute to the fact that laser cutting has taken the place of other processing methods and is used in virtually every branch of the industrial sector where precision and the minimum time needed to achieve the desired result are important. Due to the versatility of this innovative technology, laser cutting is widely used in many different fields of industry and production.

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Most often it is:

  • Shipbuilding,
  • Mining,
  • Production of steel structures,
  • Automotive,
  • Construction,
  • Aircraft,
  • Furniture,
  • Architecture,
  • Medical industry.
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Laser cutting in the production industry

Lasers were not commonly used in many workplaces because of the lack of automation until recently. Today, however, the popularity of this cutting method has grown significantly. In many industries, both heavy and light, as well as in medicine, especially in the production of medical tools, lasers are used. Laser cutting is widely used in the manufacturing industry. This method can be used both for the production of parts for all kinds of machines and for metal elements used to create decorations, stands, or car parts. The laser cutter is perfect for the mass production of small parts with irregular shapes and repetitive ones. This is what makes laser cutting the best option for the manufacturing industry.

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Laser cutting in construction

Laser cutting is helpful in construction, especially for making reinforcement elements. Due to the high level of repeatability and detail, 3D cutting is widely used in the construction industry, as it enables the production of elements ideally suited to the creation of various types of steel or aluminum structures. It perfectly cuts pipes or profiles and largely supports the creation of sewage and thermal systems. In addition, laser cutting is also great for finishing both interior and garden architecture. With the help of this method of cutting, you can create such necessary garden components as fences, balustrades, and balconies.


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