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Are you interested in taking up a job? We constantly expand the skills of our employees through regular training. Even if you do not have experience in a given position, we will provide you with all the necessary training to start work.

What does working at Elektron look like?

We are a metal processing company; we produce metal structures, furniture, and elements of small architecture. We provide a wide range of services, including laser cutting of sheet metal, laser cutting of pipes and profiles, sheet metal bending, welding, and powder coating. We deal with the comprehensive production of products in which the predominant material is metal.

We work from Monday to Friday in a two-shift system from 6–22.

Our offices are open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The safety and development of our employees are our top priorities. We understand that the stability of employment and a good atmosphere at work is very important aspects.

That is why we have introduced benefits that our employees benefit from

  • Life insurance: Group insurance increases the sense of security for you and your loved ones. You can also register your partner as well as children (including adult children) for insurance.
  • Employment based on a contract of employment: Stability of employment increases certainty and comfort and also encourages development, which is why, after the trial period, we offer an employment contract for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Christmas Vouchers: Christmas is a special period, which is why the Elektron company prepares a bonus or voucher for Christmas every year.
  • Free training: We care for the personal and professional development of our employees. We finance several training courses so that our employees can constantly develop.

If you are interested in a job, you should know that:

Our production plant is located in Sulistrowa. It is a town on the border of the Chorkówka Commune, Nowy Żmigród Commune, Dukla Commune, and on the border of the Krosno Poviat and Jasielski Poviat.

Proximity to nearby towns and cities
– Job offer Krosno – 13 kilometers
– Job offer Jasło – 20 kilometers
– Job offer Dukla – 10 kilometers
– Job offer Chorkówka – 6 kilometers
– Job offer Nowy Żmigród – 9 kilometers

If you are interested in job offers in the Chorkówka commune, first check the job offers in your commune. People who are interested in job offers in the commune of Dukla and job offers in the commune of Nowy Żmigród may also consider job offers at Elektron due to our location.