Impact protection system – parking barriers

Industrial barriers, including warehouse barriers and column barriers, will undoubtedly find their application not only in huge but also in smaller industrial and warehouse halls. This has been a great option for years to minimise the risk of malfunctions. It is associated with a considerable saving of costs, which would have to be additionally covered for the[…]

The use of steel pergolas in housing estates

Along with the ongoing modernization and urbanisation of Polish cities and villages, our housing estates are becoming more and more adapted to our needs and the requirements of everyday life. In modern housing estates, we can see practical bicycle stands and shelters, great playgrounds, and slim-line garbage arbours. All these small elements of small architecture[…]

Metal legs and steel frames used in the production of furniture

Metal frames – a modern proposition In recent years, creating furniture yourself has become more and more popular. Therefore, you cannot pass by the metal frames, which are also used in this process. More and more people do not necessarily rely on what is already available in furniture stores. Customers want to create their furniture, and the producers[…]

Metal elements for furniture – metal processing industry in the furniture industry

It is certainly noticeable that all kinds of furniture also include metal furniture elements. It will not come as a surprise to anyone that the carpenter certainly does not have furniture frames, steel legs, or metal table legs. Companies operating in the field of metal processing are responsible for providing him with these items to put the entire table together so that[…]


Laser cutting is currently the fastest and most modern method of metal cutting. Cutting out hard-to-reach places and profiles has become much easier since this method was first used. The focused light of the laser beam falling on the surface hits the cut element and heats its surface, which causes melting or evaporation. It is important[…]