Sheet metal bending with a press brake—a process necessary during serial production of steel elements.

For laymen, sheet metal bending with a press brake may seem like a very niche and unpopular service. However, not everyone is aware of how often this method is used in production processes. Sheet metal bending with a press brake is an indispensable part of the industry and the production of all possible products made of metal or[…]

Laser cutting, a process used in the production of industrial furniture

The Industrial furniture style in interior design and surface finishing has been reigning in showrooms for many seasons. Its popularity is growing due to its exceptional functionality, ease of maintenance, longevity, and eye-catching appearance. Currently, it can be found in almost all styles, both in residential and office spaces. This type of finishing solution can[…]

Laser cutting sheet -10

Is complicated technology cheaper than traditional solutions? -Laser cutting

We are all used to thinking that only the least technologically advanced solutions can cost pennies. Especially when it comes to services as specialised and complex as laser cutting. Well, things are completely different these days. It is the most innovative method and requires specialised equipment that reduces the cost of implementation. Why is this[…]

Laser cutting of tubes and profiles - 4

Shortening the production time thanks to the use of laser cutting of pipes and profiles

In today’s highly technologically advanced times, laser cutting of pipes and profiles is considered the fastest, most modern, and most accurate method of processing these types of elements. It provides the ability to accurately cut complex details, guarantees the production of high-quality elements, and complete repeatability of cutting subsequent parts, which results in a sharp decrease in the[…]