What are the important techniques of metal fabrication for which knowledge is essential?

The engineers and technicians responsible for metal manufacture have access to a wide variety of metal fabrication techniques. The three most widely used methods for fabricating metal are cutting, forming, and welding. These fabrication methods can be further broken down into sub-categories such as laser cutting and shearing, bending and stretching procedures, and MIG and[…]

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The advantages of laser cutting for manufacturing process design

Do you know? Laser cutting is not a new invention in today’s world; it was invented in 1965 when diamond dies were used to drill holes by the first commercial laser-cutting device. Western Electric Engineering Research Center produced this device. The British invented laser-assisted oxygen jet metal cutting in 1967. This method was first used[…]

Which Cutting Technology Should you Choose: Waterjet, Plasma, or Laser?

Whether they are designed for sheet metal, tubes, or profiles, many cutting technologies compete fiercely on the market. Some people like abrasive mechanical cutting, while others choose thermal cutting techniques. High-definition plasma, CO2 laser, and the aforementioned fibre laser are now competing technologically due to recent advancements in the laser world of fibre-cutting technology. Which[…]

Laser cutting, a process used in the production of industrial furniture

The Industrial furniture style in interior design and surface finishing has been reigning in showrooms for many seasons. Its popularity is growing due to its exceptional functionality, ease of maintenance, longevity, and eye-catching appearance. Currently, it can be found in almost all styles, both in residential and office spaces. This type of finishing solution can[…]

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Is complicated technology cheaper than traditional solutions? -Laser cutting

We are all used to thinking that only the least technologically advanced solutions can cost pennies. Especially when it comes to services as specialised and complex as laser cutting. Well, things are completely different these days. It is the most innovative method and requires specialised equipment that reduces the cost of implementation. Why is this[…]

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Shortening the production time thanks to the use of laser cutting of pipes and profiles

In today’s highly technologically advanced times, laser cutting of pipes and profiles is considered the fastest, most modern, and most accurate method of processing these types of elements. It provides the ability to accurately cut complex details, guarantees the production of high-quality elements, and complete repeatability of cutting subsequent parts, which results in a sharp decrease in the[…]

A comparison of the most popular methods of cutting metal

Metal is one of the most fundamental raw materials in modern production. Metals and their alloys are used in almost every branch of industry, ranging from areas such as construction, metallurgy, or the automotive industry, to less obvious ones, such as furniture, decorating, or IT. Therefore, the metalworking industry is growing faster than any other, and specialists[…]

Laser or plasma? What is best for cutting metal?

Metal is one of the most widely used raw materials in the world. We use it to build houses, cities, and installations, as well as decorations, car parts, and technology. It owes its popularity to its durability, reliability, and universal application. However, it must be admitted that it is not the easiest material to process. Fortunately, nowadays, plastic processing[…]