The process of bending pipes and profiles in the production of metal furniture

Metal furniture has been the most important element of the most popular solutions in interior design for several seasons. Raw constructions can be found in both industrial, minimalistic and even more unusual art deco designs to add the effect of solidity and austerity to richly decorated spaces. The popularity of metal furniture is constantly growing,[…]

Repeatability, precision and production optimization thanks to bending pipes and profiles

Bending pipes and profiles is currently one of the most popular methods of plastic processing of metal materials. This innovative method is used in countless industries. Most often, the advantages of bending are used in the manufacturing sector. Why? In this post, we will try to answer this question and explain the specifics of this method a bit, because we[…]

What is the difference between bending pipes on mandrel benders and bending pipes on three-roller benders?

Currently, on the Internet, we can find hundreds of offers from metallurgical and machine companies, offering their services for the plastic processing of metal materials. Enterprises compete by enriching their assortment with the latest machines, improving the qualifications of their employees, and finding the most innovative and practical processing methods. But what about an entrepreneur who is not[…]

How does product design work?

Designing each product, even the simplest product, is a complex process that, in simplified terms, can be defined as a procedure aimed at finding the best solution to the problems posed in front of a given subject in the most aesthetically pleasing form as well as the best possible response to customer requirements. In short, the[…]

Metal processing, i.e., creating steel products

Metalworking is a key element of production processes in the automotive, metallurgical, shipbuilding, mining, as well as furniture and construction industries. Metalworking is essential for complex activities such as building houses, plumbing and venting, building bridges, and manufacturing cars.         It is also necessary for the design of small-sized elements, such as those[…]