Laser cutting is currently the fastest and most modern method of metal cutting. Cutting out hard-to-reach places and profiles has become much easier since this method was first used. The focused light of the laser beam falling on the surface hits the cut element and heats its surface, which causes melting or evaporation. It is important[…]


Nowadays, laser cutting is the most modern method of cutting elements in various materials. It will be perfect for cutting aluminum, steel, copper, brass, ceramics, glass, or wood. Thanks to its precision and accuracy, laser cutting is used in many industries: construction, aviation, architecture, the furniture industry, and everyday objects. Many people replace traditional cutting[…]

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2D and 3D laser cutting

Laser cutting – general information Nowadays, laser cutting is the most modern, fastest, and most accurate method. Cutting complex shapes has become much easier since the first use of the laser, and above all, the cost of processing is cheaper than traditional methods. We distinguish, among others, reactive cutting, which uses a stream of oxygen[…]


Laser cutting is a method that ensures 100% repeatability of elements, even very complex ones. The software guarantees cutting accuracy of up to 0.1 mm. The CO2 laser is characterised by accuracy, aesthetics, and durability. It is successfully used for engraving various materials. The marked elements are resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and high temperatures. Engraved[…]

Laser cutting – general information

Laser cutting is now the most advanced, fastest, and most precise method of cutting. It guarantees100% repeatability of the cut shape. Since laser cutting has been used, cutting complex shapes has becomeIt is much simpler and, above all, cheaper than other methods. The laser software decides on the quality.and precision of workmanship, so that the[…]