Laser cutting and the production of interior decorations

Laser cutting is a modern and efficient way of processing metal materials that are used in many industries. It is used on construction sites, in the automotive, metallurgical, and manufacturing industries, as well as in making more creative designs, i.e., in the production of all kinds of decorations and interior finishing. Laser cutting is a[…]

Cutting gases during laser cutting of sheet metal

Laser cutting is one of the most innovative methods of metal processing. It has similar dimensional parameters to traditional machining, but it is distinguished by much more precise cutting, which reduces the need for secondary processing, reduces pollution, and emits negligible health-hazardous solvent gases. The fundamental difference between traditional cutting and laser cutting is the[…]

Types of sheets used for laser cutting

Laser cutting is now a classic method of processing metal elements, such as sheet metal, because it is characterized by much more precise cutting, reducing the need for secondary processing, reducing environmental pollution, and allowing negligible emissions of gases harmful to health. Laser technology has been used in sheet metal processing for a very long[…]

Powder painting - 3

Types of paints used during powder coating

Types of paints used during powder coating Powder paints are thermosetting materials used in the powder painting process. To achieve the intended effect, they usually consist of resin compositions in the proper proportions, along with colours and additives. Powder coating is an environmentally friendly technique since it is both environmentally friendly and efficient thanks to[…]

Repeatability of elements cut by laser cutting with CO2

Laser cutting is one of the most precise and effective thermal treatment methods available in the metallurgical market. Laser cutting is performed using a specialised cutter equipped with a light laser beam supported by one of the selected technical gases. During this process, the laser beam reaches a given surface of the material and at the[…]